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The Perfect guide to Flat Abs

In 2 weeks, we have brought you work out routine to help you burn calories, stay healthy and get that body shape you need this summer and beyond. But today, we have the perfect guide to flat abs beyond planks, crunches and high knees.

Think Positively
To get those flat abs, set goals that will help you reach them and be positive about attaining those goals. Stop the whining and put all that energy into seeing the person you want to become in the mirror.

Exercise daily
No matter how busy you are, find time to exercise daily. You can do this first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed or even in between work if the environment permits.

Eat healthy
Nigerians love to love their carbohydrates. You need to try and stay away from having so much carbs all the time. Get the right portion for healthy diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits and drink a lot of water.

Work hard
Cuddling up all day in bed doesn’t help your abs. Get up and do some work that makes you to strain the muscles or at least gets you running around the place. That way, you get to burn some calories even while doing something that gets you some income.

Stay strong
Don’t give up on your goals. When the routine says 60 minutes of wall sitting and you are just about to give up, stay strong!

Worry less
Your emotional mind set affects your physical look. Quit worrying and engage in some yoga to ease off the stress and anxiety.

Dance more
Dance is one of the easiest exercise that you can do to lose weight. Just play your favourite compilation of tracks and dance on.

Love often
This helps you to exercise the heart as well. Love you, love your body and show love to everyone around.

Be happy
Just like we mentioned earlier, your emotional state of mind plays a huge role in your physical appearance. So, just stay happy!

This week, we will allow you to incorporate these into your life and pick any of the routines published HERE and HERE.

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