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Review: Afri Naptural Gypsy Locs

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have spotted me wearing this locs. It is the Afri Naptural Gypsy Locs by Mane Concept. Mane Concept is an American hair company, but they have retailers in different parts of the world. One of which is ST Hair & Beauty in Nigeria.

I have always loved locs long before it became a trend. I mean as far back as the days of Ruth Benamisia Opia. If you know, you know. I just could never turn my hair to ‘dada’ as my dad would not hear of it. Same way I could never get around to coloring my natural hair. This girl has become a woman and can try any hair look that she wants but now, she doesn’t have to try them with her natural hair. There is an extension in the hair market for just about any look that I am looking to achieve like the locs.

What does Mane Concept say about Afri Naptural Gypsy Locs?mane concept afri naptural gypsy locs

According to the brand, the gypsy locs is designed with a crochet loop for quick and easy installation. Though thick, it flows freely as it is light weight. It has a natural and soft texture, not too shiny and voluminous.

Packaging:crochet hair

The hair extension comes in a beautiful light blue pack containing 16strands.

My experience:faux locs

The first thing that I did notice about the hair extension is that it is soft to touch. I am familiar with some of the hair extensions under this brand like the Definition braids. So, when the brand mentioned that the extension had a soft human-like texture, I did not doubt them. That is what makes this hair extension different from some other locs in the market. I also like that it comes pre-looped so that the hair stylist has no extra troubles trying to loop before installation. It is also itch free which means I will not be experiencing any skin irritation.

The hair extension comes in 2different lengths, 14 inches and 20inches but what I do have on is the 20inches. There are also 7 color tones but, I am wearing the T1b/Bug which is the ombre burgundy.

I plan to keep mine for about a month, but I did see Eki of Bella Naija wearing something similar and she has had it for about 8weeks now. So, my guess is you can wear this for as long as you want to. Just make sure to moisturize your scalp.

Price & Place:

Afri Naptural gypsy locs 20inches retails for N3500 and you can purchase it from ST Hair & Beauty. I am affiliated with the brand. So, you can send a WhatsApp message to +2348031314773 or check them out on Instagram, @sthairandbeauty. Lolade is also available to install the hair for you at your place or you could come to her in Ojodu.

What do you think of the hair? Share your thoughts on our YouTube Channel and get a discount when you want to purchase the hair from ST Hair & Beauty. Find out how by clicking the watch button below;

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