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How I Feel About September

The ember months are finally upon us, starting with September. Infact, I take back the word finally because I didn’t realise that it was here already. The night before September 1, I was still thinking I had a few days more. How ironic though because in the first 2 weeks of August, I kept feeling like I was already living in September. I always had to jolt myself back to reality.

Now that September is here, I am indeed excited. It feels as though everything I have sought for since the year started is about to come to fruition. I am peace with everything around me. So much clarity have happened and I guess taking this long vacation contributed greatly to it. Like Her Incredible Mindset posted on Instagram, I have my SHIT together- Skincare, Happiness, Inner peace and Time.

So what’s new for me?

SoTectonic is launching its Ecommerce platform. This is a project that I have always wanted to make happen. Many years back, I actually sought the advise of a ‘friend’. She did advise that I don’t as it takes a lot to run an ecommerce platform and combining it with the blog may be too heavy for the page. I gave up on the dream so quick but fam, it never died.

You know what they say about if it bothers you? Well, this dream didn’t leave me especially because I am affiliated to a few businesses. A tale I will tell someday. Well, I kept up with my research and finally, we have found a way to do it. The SoTectonic Shop will finally be live in a few days. To get additionally discounts and be amongst the first to know when we do go live, follow @sotectonicshop

Beyond The SoTectonic Shop?

I am out on a little vacation in the South of France. The last time I was on a vacation was to Enugu which I shared here. Now, you can follow my experience in the south of France on my personal Instagram story.

We also have interesting articles for you especially for content creators and people who will like to take advantage of remote jobs. No matter the job that you do, a 2nd, 3rd and even 10th source of income is key. Just make sure that none of the responsibilities you take up suffers. And if you are a blogger or content creator following me, please note that, sitting down and expecting brands to work with you is the beginning of getting frustrated. Start sourcing for ways to get that income.

Will you like me to share some tips on how to make money as a blogger? Let me know in the comment section and do not forget to SHARE this post with others.

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