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How I Spent My Easter Break

Yesterday, I stumbled on a blog post by The Blogger Point and it was something on ‘30 Blog Post Ideas Perfect for April’. In this post, the writer shared content ideas. One of which was to share how you spent your Easter Break and that inspired today’s post.

Out of the 5day holiday, I stepped out of the house only on Easter Sunday. This is because I am not exactly one who hops about as I am extremely calculative about my movements. My friends will tell you that my favourite sentence is; “You know my house is far” and though some see it as an excuse I give to stay home, it is a fact.

Currently, I stay in the outskirts of town which makes me spend quite a lot of money moving around and I am not exactly mobile. Even when I have a car at my disposal, I am yet to master the art of driving a car. Secondly, most of the time that I have had any reason to be out, I get back late which I am really trying to avoid this season because, if we all depart at 10pm, I could get home at midnight if the roads are not so friendly which sometimes could be scary. Thankfully, all that is about to change in a few weeks as I will be moving to a new house…. *excited much*.

Day 1

This was an unexpected holiday as Lagosians were forced to stay home because the President was visiting. So, I spent the day watching a lot of YouTube videos on beauty room and home office tour on YouTube.

Day 2

I actually found time to catch up on some sleep which my body was grateful to. With all the mental stress I have been through lately, I am glad that I could catch some sleep.

Day 3

I had plans to step out but, I got consumed by the articles that I was putting together that I decided to stay back and work on those in addition to replying some of my mails. My brother and I also tried to tidy up the house a bit. Nothing major but it was Saturday and it made sense to just do a bit of cleaning.

Day 4

This was my outing day *hahahaha*. I started out with mass and then left for the house of my god-daughter in the company of my brother. There we were joined by another family which is no stranger to my family and we all had such a good time. I talked so much that I thought I was going to lose my voice.

After spending about 3 or more hours there, we left for the house of one of my brother in laws.

Day 5

This was another stay at home day but this time, I was working all through. I had to post on social media and tried to figure out the contents to put up that will create the engagement that is needed on the brand’s Instagram account. I also watched some more videos on home office and beauty room tours and then did some online research and article writing including this piece. For the first time, I also got to spend some quality time watching Big Brother and I have a bone to pick with Biggie later in the week. If you follow me on Twitter (@oma263), then you already know what it is.

The holidays are over and I am back on the road but I am grateful for the time I have had to get back in the space of things. The holidays definitely helped even if my break sounds boring. You can make it fun for me by sharing how you spent your holiday in the comment section. Let’s see who can make me jealous!

Oma Ehiri

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