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How to become a millionaire on SFS Fund

Follow these simple steps and in 30days or less, you can become a millionaire on SFS Fund!

You can be anything you want to be if you speak it into existence. Well, speaking is usually never enough. You need to take actions. That includes becoming a millionaire even on SFS Fund.

What is SFS Fund?

SFS Fund is a fixed income fund managed by the fund managers at SFS Capital Nigeria. It is a type of collective investment scheme in which individuals and even institutions pool funds together to invest in different securities and earn attractive interest rates. The easiest way to explain this is to compare it to Ajo. However, unlike Ajo, this is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission in Nigeria. There is a board, trustees and fund managers who are experts, ensuring that your investment is well managed. Also, you do realise that Ajo does not pay you interest. What you get back when it is your turn, is the money that you have equally contributed over the months coming back to you in bulk. With SFS Fund, you get back your money alongside interest, irrespective of the duration of your investment.

Finding Money to Invest

I am aware that sometimes, finding the money to save or invest in is never easy especially now that all we are talking about is food inflation. However, if I have learnt anything in the past year, it is to treat the present as the best as the future is uncertain. We can only hope that the future is better than the present, but we must equally be ready for any emergencies and casualties that may arise. This means that you should find ways to prepare for the future. One of which is through setting up an investment account. On SFS Fund, you can start with N5000.

How to Become A Millionaire On SFS Fund

After your first investment, you can make a million Naira on SFS Fund. The company recently launched a referral program. In this program, you can earn up to One Million Naira or even more. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have an account here and invest at least N5000
  2. Send your referral code or link to others, inviting them to sign up on the platform
  3. Encourage them to make an initial investment of at least N5000

Once this step is complete, you automatically get N1000. Now, you can repeat the same process for as many people. Each time you do this, you get a bonus of N1000 which is visible on your dashboard. After 30days, the bonus becomes available for you to claim and do as you please- top up your investment or withdraw.

I totally love this because not only am I growing my investment, I am encouraging others to have an investment account and they too can build wealth through this means. To get started, you can use my link to sign up:

To learn more about SFS Fund, visit You can also leave comments below and I will be happy to help where I can. If not, I will reach out to a fund manager within the company. Cheers to becoming millionaires in 30days.

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