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How To Get The Attention Of An Aries

It’s officially Aries Season, the first star of the Zodiac sign. I am super excited about the season cos for some reason, some of the best things that ever happens to me starts out in this month- ideas, dreams, projects. They all sort of start in this month and then gradually unfolds. Even when they come to reality in another season, they certainly take their roots from Aries. It could be my mindset or me choosing to believe this but then again, that’s story for another post. Today, I will be teaching you a few tips and tricks on how to get the attention of an Aries. So, if you have your eyes on a girl or guy that was born around the 20th of March up until the 19th of April, you may want to keep scrolling down cos these tips may work!

Give compliments

We are very confident about ourselves but we love the attention. So, if you want an Aries to give you some consideration, you want to start dishing out those compliments. Let us know how amazing we are and how much you admire our zest for life. You need to learn how to compliment the looks, our efforts and just let us know how much respect you have for our hustle. We love that!

Start up intellectual conversations

We talk but only when the conversation stimulates us intellectually. We get excited about intelligent debates. It could be about anything in life but it has to be smart talk. Little wonder close friends think we talk much. What they do not realise is that they are our close friends because they talk smart and smart talk gets us hyped!

Seek and give opinions

Being leaders, Aries appreciates when you look up to us. This means we get closer to you when you seek our opinion on something or ask for advice. We like the challenge to help find answers but it’s also give and take. You need to be able to give advice. Smart and intelligent opinions!

Don’t be controlling

Like I mentioned earlier, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac which means that we are born leaders. Trying to control us is a huge turn off for us. We do not like pushovers as well cos

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