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How To Make Flying with Kids less of a Hassle

Summer seems a long time from now but it really pays to start planning early which is why we have decided to bring you this piece on flying with Kids. Besides, who says that people only travel suring the summer. Some people have to fly just about every week or maybe every month, depending on why and where. Bottom line is, I see parents struggling with their kids a couple of times in flight and wish that they had some kind of help with the kids. This led me to doing some research that could prepare you just before that flight booking. Here are my findings;

Do your research

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Before you get on with the flight booking, you need to do your research just so you know the flight company policy about flying with children is; from the fares to other in flight rules.  You need to know if they give you a seat for your kids at a discount or not. If you need to travel with a stroller or a push chair, you need to know if they will be holding it for free or if you need to pay some fee for it. Once you can do your research and ensure that the terms are okay by you, then you can go ahead with the flight booking. This will prevent any form of last minute changes or embarrassment.

Prepare the minds of your kids

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Flying could be pretty new for your child or they probably have a phobia hence the need to prepare their minds. So, you can do some role play or tell them stories about flying. You can also read book to them, all of which will help get their minds ready. It may not help completely the first time but with time, it should all fall in place. Another thing is, it could excite them to finally experience what it is that you have told them about that they won’t be bothering you so much in flight.

Carryon luggage

The choice of a carryon depends on the age of your child. If you are dealing with a baby, then you can have a carryon that you can drag because you are likely to have the baby carried in front of you or behind you and so the carryon should be one with tyres. If you are dealing with kids that can walk around by themselves. You have a lot more to contend with. The best thing is to have a backpack so that your hands are free.

Selecting the carryon is one step. The next is to carefully select what goes into the backpack so that your kids can have a better flying experience and you can also have less hassles to contend with. Your backpack should contain a change of clothes not just for the kids but for you as well, their toys, candies, wipes, snacks, blankets, pillows and a few other things like medications that you think they may need. It is much easier if they are old enough to carry their own bags. That way, you can curate a travel kit for each person and have it in their own carryon bags.

Select comfortable clothes

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I don’t think that overalls are perfect for flying even for older ones. Then you need to also make sure that whatever it is that they have on is not something that makes them uncomfortable especially the much younger ones that they start to cry so much that other passengers get offended. You also need to have their sweaters handy because you may not be able to control the cold inflight. If it were flights to USA for instance, you can bet that it will be really cold just like most international flights.

Be Punctual

The day for flying is here. It is very important that you check in on time. If you can, check in online. It gives you the opportunity to get your seats together even before you get to the airport. However, from previous experiences, I will advise that you still make it to the airport on time to make sure that you get the seat that you booked online. Secondly, you want to make sure that all the good seats are not taken. For instance, you do not want to be seating at the back of the plane. It will be a super bumpy ride that could be very discomforting for the kids. Maybe you should speak with the person at the counter so that they can advise you on the best seats for you and the kids.

Toilet time

The first thing is to ensure that they are eating right before the flight day. That way, you can avoid any unexpected stomach upset. Next is to ensure that they are not consuming so much fluid on the day of the flight. Just before they fly, make sure that they use the toilet so that you can reduce the number of times that they run to the bathroom. When you do change diapers and all, please ensure that you do not throw this into the toilet. Use the thrash lest you block the toilet. You already know that even the toilet papers go into the thrash.

Seating Arrangement

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We already touched on this when we spoke of check in time but just for further emphasis, it will be great for you to get the aisle seat for the kids. That way you do not have to disturb other passengers. Do not forget that the key reason why you are checking in on time is so that you have the kids seated together with you. I remember flying from Owerri to Lagos and a family had to split cos they boarded late and the seats were already taken. They managed to have 1 in front of me, another by my side and then the parents also sat in different places. Imagine if that was a flight to USA and the kid needed something.

Download entertainment

entertainment for kids in flight

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Every parent needs to shop a tablet or an ipad that they can use to download lots of movies and games to keep the kids busy when they get bored.

These are a few tips for flying with kids. We do hope that this helps you on your next trip.

Tips on flying with kids
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