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How to make house chores fun

Doing house chores isn’t as exciting as some make it seem. It is actually a lot of work and requires a lot of determination to get out of bed or the couch and pick up a broom to clean or do the laundry or get the dishes looking like SPARKY. Today even makes it worse as Government declares NO MOVEMENT and it becomes an official do the house chores day. Mama and I are prone to get into a lot of argument cos while many see the need to clean, I just see the need to sleep.

Just so that mama and I do not have to get into all that drama, I came up with a few ideas on how to ensure that I get the house chores done and have fun doing it. That way, everyone stays happy. So, here are a few tips you can also use:

Listen to music

If your smartphone does not have a collection of music, this might be slightly difficult as it requires you to grab your headphones, block out the world and make the house your studio. However, if this is not something that you can do now and you have the light on with a functional DSTV subscription running, just tune into any of the music channels and let the cleaning begin! The great part of that is, you can swap through channels in between the house chores.

Employ the Kids

I am an aunty and a really proud one at that. My nieces and nephews just love me and looks to me like they would do about anything to make aunty happy. Not like I am trying to take advantage of them. Let’s just say, I am also training them to be a better me by ensuring that they help aunty with the house chores. It is also another way for me to spoil them with some sweet tooth items like the icecream, cake or pizza after the house chores are done.

Reward yourself

Just like I will reward the kids when they clean, I also do set some incentive for me when I also do the house chores. So, maybe after all the work at home, I could go shopping but if I did this about every time I had to do the house chores, this may mean that I will be running out of my allowance faster than is expected. So, maybe a movie would do or a trip to the salon which is by the way a treat for me as I always have to do my hair by myself especially as I am in the middle of transiting.

Set a time frame

Most of the time, I pretend it is a game show and I am racing against time. This helps me to do the chores quicker than usual and also helps me to burn some calories.

I am sure there is someone with an extra tip reading now. So, drop your comments below so that I can try it myself and be sure that when I do, you will be the first to know.

Happy House Chores Day!

Features image via The Black Home School

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