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How To Make Palm Oil Rice (Inspired by Ify’s Kitchen)

As a bonus, I also shared how to set up and use a rice cooker as well as the one ingredient that could make your rice sticky.

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This week, I uploaded a cooking video on How To Cook Palm Oil Rice. The recipe was inspired by a video Ify’s Kitchen shared on her Instagram page. I had to tweak the recipe using ingredients that were readily available to me especially when it came to the protein. I swapped the shrimps for chicken wings which I got from Eve after Dark, a Lagos based restaurant that delivers irrespective of the time of the day.

Before I share the recipe, let me share a cooking tip with you, one that could really make a huge difference when cooking rice in general. That is, how to ensure that your rice is not sticky.

How To Avoid Sticky Rice

Usually, people add groundnut oil to their rice when cooking. The belief is that it helps to separate the rice. Another tip is to ensure that you wash the rice properly until you have almost clear water. I believe this has something to do with the excess starch. However, the one tip that I can confirm to you now is to ensure that you buy the right brand of rice.

If you do not mind having your rice almost looking like porridge yam, then you need not worry about this. However, I mind even when the ingredients made the rice taste so great. Apparently, the food vendor is known to sell that kind of rice but I had no idea when I went to purchase the rice from her. It almost ruined my food as you will get to see in the video but, we ended up enjoying the meal as I look forward to making it again. This time, with a better brand of rice.

Ingredients for Palm oil Rice

  • Palm oil
  • Rice
  • Mangala fish from Scuba Market Place
  • Chicken (I got mine from Eve After Dark)
  • Turkey water
  • Blended onion
  • Blended tomatoes
  • Blended fresh pepper
  • Grounded crayfish
  • Salt
  • Knorr seasoning

Recipe for Palm oil Rice

  • Blend the tomatoes, pepper and onion
  • Parboil the rice (I used my rice cooker)
  • Boil the turkey or any other protein you wish to use
  • Soak the Mangala fish to make it softer
  • Pour some palm oil into the pot
  • Heat up the chicken wings using the palm oil

When the chicken wings have heated up,

  • Add the blended onions
  • Add the blended tomatoes and pepper
  • Add crayfish
  • Add some salt
  • Add 2 cubes of knorr seasoning

Stir the ingredients together. Then,

  • Add the parboiled rice
  • Add the turkey water
  • Mix everything together

Allow the water to dry up and the food is ready

Disclaimer: I am not a chef or a food blogger but I love to find new ways to spice up my Nigerian diet and this is one of them. I am still learning to use measuring spoon and cups especially when filming.

How To Set Up And Use A Rice Cooker To Parboil Rice

The rice cooker comes with several compartments that can be very confusing. Unfortunately, my manual did not quite get to explain this to me in details. However, I was able to figure things out and shared it in this week’s video. Click the play button below to watch.

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