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How To Manage Multiple Jobs

5 tips on how to manage multiple jobs effectively

Earlier in the year, I got a request from an Instagram friend, Vickie, to share how I am able to multitask well. I thought about it and decided, to share how to manage multiple jobs. Since I am pro multiple streams of income and quite frankly, that is about the major reason why I have to multi-task.

As a Communications Strategist, I am caught up in a series of roles across different companies. Not to mention managing a crochet hair business which is trying to evolve into a hair and beauty company. there is also my life as a lifestyle content creator which includes being a blogger.

How To Manage Multiple Jobs (My Tips)


At every point in my life, I have had to prioritise my jobs based on several factors which I shared in my latest YouTube video.

Be Upfront With Your Employer And Clients

In my case, when taking up a new client, they need to be aware of certain things which I shared in this video. Thsi will help us be on the same page.

Get Help

I never agree that I can do it all. If anything, having the resources to pay for the help that I need is the problem. If I can outsource something, there is no way I am doing it myself. I have a General Manager who steps in every now and again to help with everything from clearing goods, to running ads, onboarding new staff and a lot more. You must accept that you need help when you do and get help when you can afford it.

Have A Journal

Having a journal where I write down everything also helps. I have a to-do list which I try to keep up with. I do not always tick out everything but, seeing everything that I need to do at one glance just helps to make sure that I am not forgetting any work. My to-do list is very detailed especially with the kind of work that I do and having multiple jobs. I also discovered a new trick which I shared in the post on how I started February.

Know When To Say No

Not every job is meant for you and not every client is ideal for you.

I really delved into this in the video below;


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