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How To Prepare Porridge Yam With Smoked Fish

My favourite food is yam; anything yam- fried, boiled, roasted, porridge- just YAM. However, the family seems to  have a thing for my porridge yam. If we had a restaurant, porridge yam will be on the special menu. Next to it will be, ‘prepared by Oma; the family yam chef’.

I always share my menu on Instagram story and my followers think that I should be sharing the recipes on YouTube. Infact, I have people sliding into my DM asking for the recipe or even asking to come over for a treat. Whilst I may not be able to host everyone now, I have decided to share this porridge yam recipe which I made using the smoked fish I got from Scuba Market Place. Let me just state here that, cooking this was really nothing fancy. I just went with the vibe. So, if you will like to watch me make it, click HERE.

Ingredients for Porridge Yam

  • Yam
  • Ugwu
  • Palm oil
  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Water
  • Crayfish
  • Cameroun pepper
  • Smoked fish from Scuba Market Place

Preparation of Porridge Yam with Smoked Fish

  • Cut the yam, peel off the back and slice into tiny bit
  • Wash the yam and put into a pot with enough water covering the pot content
  • Soak the smoked fish with hot water and when it gets soft, seperate the fish into pieces
  • Cut the ugwu into tiny bits, wash with salt and place in a sieve
  • Once the yam is soft enough to be consumed, pour the content into a sieve to seperate the water from the yam
  • Pour some palm oil in the empty pot on the fire
  • Add some onions into the palm oil, crayfish, Cameroun pepper, the smoked fish from Scuba market place, some salt and some hot water
  • Sir all the ingredients together
  • Add the already boiled yam
  • Put the ugwu
  • Stir all the content together
  • Allow the content to boil a little
  • Turn off the fire and allow for it to cool down before serving. That will make sure that the porridge thickens up.
Disclaimer: I am no chef so I cannot exactly say what the measurement is for each of the ingredients. Truthfully, I do not taste my meals until they are done. I will rather have someone else taste it and tell me if they are okay with the spices because for me, once the pepper is right, I am good. So, do what works for you.

If you do ever try it, let me know in the comment section.

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