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How to Save For A Trip to Europe

Europe has become one of my favourite continents to travel to. That is because, within this continent, there are a lot of countries that one could visit. From Czech Republic to Paris, Greece, Amsterdam and way over 26 countries. In this post, I am about to reveal the secret to making this trip a reality by teaching you how to save for a trip to Europe.

Do your research

To save for a trip to Europe, you need to do a research of the continent and determine the best country to travel to within the travel period in view. Things like the weather condition which will determine the kind of clothes that you will be packing with you are paramount. If you travel with light clothes when the weather is freezing, you will be stuck inside your hotel room throughout the trip. Also, the weather in one country could be hotter than another even within the same season. For instance, as summer came to an end in 2016, I left Paris for Prague. In Paris, the weather was still hot. Imagine my shock as I got into Prague and it was already freezing. Beyond that, you need to know the cost of accommodation within the country that you are going to. From my experience, Prague is cheaper than Paris and I hear that Spain is even more expensive especially during the summer.

Determine your first point of entry

There are different flight routes. A travel agent should be able to advise you on cheap flights depending on your first point of entry. Usually, when you want to get a visa to Europe, all you need do is get a schegen visa from the country that is your first point of entry. Say you wish to start your tour from Czech Republic, you will need to get the visa from the consulate in Abuja. That is something I could share with you in another blog post because, Czech Republic is definitely one of my go to places in Europe. How I love the Manor House in Broumov. Not so expensive yet very relaxing. You should check that out!

Make a budget

Now that you know all the details about your trip, you need to draw up a budget. This should cover your flight fare from Nigeria to the country of choice, transport within the country, accommodation, feeding, tourist attractions, shopping especially if you need to get new clothes. Also factor in shopping for the friends and family who may be expecting goodies for you when you get back.

Create a savings account

Once you have made a budget, it is time to set a savings account aside for that purpose. Some agencies have  scheme where you could save towards a trip but that is usually on the flight fare. They allow you to pay in bits pending the time of your trip. However, you still need a savings account for all the other expenses.

Download an income/expense app

The last tip is one that I jumped on recently. It is an expense/income tracker app. This app allows for me to track all my expenses alongside my income. That way, I can begin to see what I need to cut down on in order to make my trip a reality. Now, I am hooked on spendee. I will advise that you download the app and if you will like for me to recommend similar apps to you, do let me know the comment section below.

Have you been to Europe before? Share your travel experience with us in the comment section below.

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