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Insights From Content Creators On How To Stay Motivated

“As a creator, you probably know how satisfying it is to get a rush of unexpected inspiration that fuels a productive streak. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen every day”-Tutu Adetunmbi.

Being a content creator is such an exciting job. However, it is one of the most mentally tasking jobs in the world. At first, it may seem like a walk in the park but soon, you realise what seems to be all fun and games, has become a full-time job that requires some level of structure to remain consistent. This is where many content creators get stuck. For writers, they say it is writer’s block but same applies to just about every creator. There is that block and when it happens, it leaves you feeling uninspired. Like Tutu of The Digital Tinker mentioned in our interview with her, “If you waited around for the right mood to strike each time you wanted to produce a new project, you might be waiting for a very long time”. This is why we reached out to a few content creators to share some insights with us, how to stay motivated.

Tutu; Founder, The Digital Tinker

Learning how to stay motivated as a creative is a valuable skill. From increased productivity and earnings to improved work quality, learning how to become motivated will pay off throughout your career. That is why I try to find ways to get motivated and stay motivated and this allows me to produce a more consistent flow of new work. Let me share them with you:

  • I acknowledge how much I have accomplished and see how much I have improved from time to time.
  • In addition, I work with my strengths and ignore my weaknesses (I can work late nights, and wake up pretty late in the morning but I don’t care! I run with it).
  • I set time-sensitive goals.
  • Notwithstanding, I create a space for work, even if it’s my bed.
  • I stay creatively fuelled and challenge my skills everyday to fuel  brilliance by reading something, anything about my industry and practice a new skill at least every month.
  • Lastly, I stay accountable to myself.

Rhoda (Adohr); Enterpreneur, Humanitarian, Digital Creator & Blogger

As a creative, understanding that sharing my story inspires the lives of others, keeps me going. I am also very motivated when I see brands I work with winning. When a brand says “Rhoda we sold out twice in a week because of your post”, it makes me very happy and I want to do more. Though this creative space can be very toxic , you have to stand your ground, stay in your lane and speak your truth always. I genuinely love sharing what I love and why I love them and I’m so thankful to all the amazing brands I work with for allowing me share my story and my experiences through their brand.

Coco; Founder, The Albimazing Network

Hunger motivates me. My brain is always turning. When I’m in a situation, I imagine a million and fifty outcomes. If I am not in any situation, I imagine some that I can create outcomes for What happens is, all these things play out like stories in my head – cartoons, short stories, comics. I imagine in several dimensions and forms. And when I’m done imagining, I start to wonder “what if this shit actually exists?”. I don’t want my ideas to just live in my head or a notepad forever. They need to be seen outside and if possible, touched. I want people to experience me through the things I create. That’s what motivates me.

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