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How To Take A Screenshot On Lenovo A328


Our team lead recently got the Lenovo A326 and it was quite a hustle trying to figure out how to take a screen shot. When we finally did, we thought we should share with you how to take a screenshot since like our team lead, many may not be interested in reading the manual.

Before we do that, let us tell you a bit about the device….. The Lenovo A328 was launched last year. With a dual space for SIM cards and a memory slot that can take up to 32GB, it also has an internal memory space of about 4GB. The primary camera is about 5mp and the selfie camera is 2mp. You have the Bluetooth functionality and then all you radio lovers who may be stuck in traffic, you have your radio in there.

Though we wouldn’t recommend the device for one who loves to take high quality pictures for the blog and sites, it is a device that you can get for many other reasons. One of which is the fact that, it runs on an android OS which means you get access to the Google play store and all the apps that an android phone runs on. It is quite affordable that we advise you pick it up rather some other phones which you need to flip over to hear the person at the other end. Talk time is fantastic and with a full battery, it can last for about 2 days so long as you are not running all the other apps on it or using a WiFi which we know consumes more battery. If you are doing all of that, it could still serve you a day. If you are heading out for a meeting, you are covered. You can do your voice recordings as well.

The best part of the device for us is the packaging as it comes with the usual head phones, charger and the USB cord but then, they added a pouch to the phone, a screen protector on the phone and a spare just for you. That saves you the extra money you would have used to buy all that as the pouch is just the way most of us like it- transparent and yet classy.


To take a screen shot, you need to click the power button and the volume button together for about 2 seconds. Note that you do not press the volume button at the middle but at the down part which is like the part that you use to decrease the volume. Press that part with the power button for 2 seconds and you have your screen shot.

Please let us know how helpful this was and share with your network so that someone else can learn from it. Watch out for our giveaway later today!


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