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How To Wear Your Bolwin Lipstick

Bolwin cosmetics is an indigenous brand that transcends the local borders and has become international. I say this because it is the product of a Nigerian, Wunmi Bolade, but she resides in the United Kingdom and has been able to get some patronage from the residents there.

The brand has over 40 shades of lip colours ranging from lipsticks to lip stains and even lip glosses. I was opportune to try 2 of the products- Play me and Bitchy and here is how I have been able to wear them.

The Play me is a matte lipstick that looks wine when you open it but when you apply it on the lips, it gives a really dark pink colour. It stays for about 5 to maybe 7 hours before it completely fades off. However, I am not sure if to say it fades off completely since you still have the stain on your lips. I have also used it as a primer for my Guerlain Gilda 27 lipstick and for the Bolwin Bitchy lipstick, both of which are sheen based. It helps them to stay longer than it usually should. So, you can wear the play me alone or as a primer for another lip color. Note that it is most likely to change the shade of the lip color that you apply on it. 
Play me alone
Play me as a primer for Guerlain Gilda 27 
If you are familiar with the Mac smoked purple, then it is about the same shade as this lip color only that it is sheen based. It doesn’t get to last that long. I guess I have only been able to wear it for a maximum of 2hours. As the name implies, it gives you the bitchy look which is why I love it. I have also used it as a liner on the play me and it did look fantastic.

Bitchy alone
Bitchy with Play Me as a primer
Play me with Bitchy as a liner
I have a third one called Wow which I haven’t tried yet but it is a light purple shade. I intend to add it to the anniversary goody for the winner. The bag is packed but I still need to add some more goodies so that my winner can have a blissful Christmas celebration. 

Amount of the lipsticks: N2,000
Where to buy:

Would you be willing to try this product and if you have already, what do you think?


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