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Humilty in the Entertainment Industry

On my way to sort out some academic transactions, some female youth corp members got into the bus I was in and they spent the whole ride discussing the entertainment industry. They started with the Wanted Video by Tiwa Savage which I will rather not disclose their thoughts on the blog. All I will say to Tiwa is, these girls really do like you but they are quite disappointed with the video. Whether I agree or not is not important, right? What I am more interested in is their discuss on humility among Nigerian entertainers.

From the analysis being made by these young ladies, they seem to think that the entertainers in Nigeria especially the female entertainers lack humility. By entertainers, I am referring to those in the music and movie industry. While one of them tried to argue that the movies portray the actors and actresses as proud when they are not, and even argued that those who acted mostly quiet roles were humble, her friends didn’t seem to agree with her. They tried to give her instances of their experiences with some of these celebrities (No idea if they were telling the truth) and from all I could hear, it wasn’t pretty at all. In fact, they did say that the actress whom she thought was humble because of the characters that she plays, is not in any way humble.

Now, I get to meet some of these entertainers in doing my job and as much as some of them have got that diva attitude, some of them are actually down to earth. Now, some of them put up a front probably to avoid their fans from getting too familiar. I am guessing that they equally want some privacy, right? They want to be able to go into the malls and do their shopping without being followed around by their fans. The question becomes, Are they not asking for too much? If you make yourself a public figure, I think to a large extent, you may have lost your right to total privacy, right? I mean, don’t you think our entertainers are quite lucky because they don’t get all the paparazzi following them like they do with the American entertainers? I really don’t know but maybe they need their space. They are also humans, right?

But, speaking of humility, I really am concerned myself. There are lots of news out there of entertainers assaulting people not just in Nigeria but also abroad. And that worries me because they ought to be role models and we don’t want them making our kids believe that, that is the right way to behave. They need to exercise self control. I agree they are humans but enough of the, “Don’t you know who I am”? I am very quick to say, “Sorry, I don’t! Educate me!” Am I being mean? Or do you think my response should have been, ‘And So what?’

Really, they are not the only ones guilty of this attitude. Some of us are in some other ways, like them which makes me wonder, ‘Wouldn’t we be exactly as they are when we wear their shoes?’ or ‘Would we be worse if we wear their shoes?’ I would like to know your thoughts and since I do not have a way to see your thoughts from inside your minds, kindly leave your comments on the blog. That way, we all know our thoughts. 

It is the last Friday of the month so, don’t forget to check the blog next Friday and meet our inspiring personality for the month of July. Till I come your way with another thing to think about, stay humble! 

Editor’s note to the Super Eagles: Congratulations on qualifying to the next stage of the world cup 2014. All the best as you struggle it out with the french team. 
It is also the release of another set of Eagles from my alma mater, Covenant University. Congratulations on your graduation new Eagles. Soar so high and do not be afraid of those of us who are already in the sky. God has made enough room for all of us.


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