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“I have never regretted being a father”- Jide Esan

Being a father comes with a lot of responsibilities- one that Jide Esan is committed to. Jide is a young business man who is currently trying to expand his knowledge on his enterprise at the University of Lagos where he enrolled for a degree in Business administration and he is currently in his final  year. We got him to do an interview for us so that other young men out there can learn something from his story.


Jide comes from a family of four. He started his educational background at Unique Children School and did high school at African Church Model College.

Enjoying fatherhood- fact or act?

Spending time with Jide and his son, one can tell that he is enjoying the role of being a father….. “I enjoy being a father and that is a fact. My boy is just two but we are already building a strong bond as father and son relationship. He is a great source of joy to me that everything that I do for him comes naturally. I try as much as i can to spend time with him that I even put him to sleep sometimes. I have my nieces and his grandma who can take care of him very well but that doesn’t stop me from making myself available. I am not saying this because I need to impress anyone because I love being a father”.

Challenges as a father

I cannot really say that I am challenged in any way as a father. Maybe the issue of finance but I still go out of my way to make things work for the sake of my son. Other issues that people may see as part of a challenge is the fact that I spend less time with my friends cos I need to be home with him and other times, my sleeping hours at night are cut short but really, those are not challenges. They are simply a part of fatherhood.

First shock as a father

Wow! That has to be the day that it dawned on me that I now need to share my earnings with my son and he gets the larger part. It has become a part of me now cos he is my priority. I think of him even before I think of myself.

Any regrets on the timing of your son’s birth

When his mother informed me about the pregnancy, I wasn’t ready and all sorts of thoughts passed through my mind but, I have never regretted having my son. From the day he was born, my heart was full of joy and I am happy to see what he has grown into today.

Greatest joy as a father

Watching my son grow with each passing day gives me a lot of joy and to know that he is set to become a better me. image5

Responsibilities of a father

Being a father requires making time for your children. It is not enough to have kids because you need to be dedicated. You need to be there by their side telling them what is wrong and what is right. And to be able to do that, it requires good communication. Discipline your kids when neccesary but be mild about it. Avoid being violent so that they do not mistake your discipline for hatred. Help them build their confidence by showing them love at all times and become their best friend. Ultimately, act right in their presence cos you are their role model.

What no one told you about fatherhood

Nothing actually cos I watched my dad and if I didn’t learn somethings from him, I have learnt on the job. On a lighter note, no one told me that fatherhood cost a lot of resources particularly finance.

Style of upbringing

I hope to give my son a better upbringing than the one than I had. I have a supportive partner who agrees with my style of upbringing for our son because she knows that is what is best for him. She also supports me where I lapse in the training.





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