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How I Restyled my Veba Cape for Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week

Last year, I had Ayaba make me this Veba cape which I rocked to Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam. Since that outing, I have actually not worn the cape again. I had a few adjustments done but I still never got around to wearing it, until Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week.Oma Ehiri at Mercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week

Day 2 of the week was really about luxury. If you follow SoTectonic and Beauty Business Week on Instagram, you must have seen clips and images from the panels. I was really pleased with the information which Bukky Karibi-Whyte shared during her the last panel which was on the strategy behind luxury. Bukky is the founder and CEO of Bobby Taylor Company and has been in the business of PR for over 10years. Hence, the interest to listen because this was someone speaking from experience.Bulky Karibi-Whyte

She did re-emphasize the need for Publicist to understand the message that the bands they represent want to put out and how they wish for that message to get to the public- from the lingual to the images and the colour. Speaking of the public, there is the need to know your audience and where they can be found. You have to identify their hangout zones and also discover how they consume information. She also went on to remind brands that the media is important and so are influencers as the society is more interested in who is consuming the product and how relatable is the person to them. Thus, while the billboards and the celebrities are still important the people wish to see these celebrities actually using the product.

As a brand, we haven’t been communicating enough with those of you on our mailing list. After listening to that class, I have decided to go back to ensure that every week, you do get some vital information that will help your lifestyle. It could be a few tips that I gathered during the course of the week or just something that I went through and how I was able to handle it. It promises to be very insightful and expository. I will be very honest with you and I hope that you do share this information with your friends and family so that they can begin to join the mailing list in time for the very first edition of my new commitment to you.

Did you see how life changing that session was. Too bad you missed out but I guess you needed proof to be at the next. Now, you have it!

Shop My LookVeba cape

Cape fabric: Veba ( available at 386 Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos).

All images were shot using Samsung Galaxy S8.Oma Ehiri

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