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How I spent Election Day

Today was exactly like any other no-event Saturday except that Local Government elections were going on. As a result of the elections, the Governement put a restriction on movements. While I am not so certain why they have to make that proclamation, I am guessing it is to ensure that people are ot trying to go about their normal businesses but encouraged to step out and cast their votes. I am going to be honest with you… I didn’t step out to vote especially with the rains but here is what I did;


Since I couldn’t get enough rest last night, I tried to get some more sleep between 6am and 10am.

Social Media Posts

I manage a number of social media accounts asides SoTectonic. Thus, the need to keep up and ensure that there is something going up at the appropriate time. It has become easier to post especially on Sotectonic as I discovered this app that helps me to schedule posts. Though it doesn’t post directly on IG, it helps me to manage the page efficiently.

Emails & WhatsApp Groups

By the nature of my work, I do belong to a number of whatsapp groups. I barely have the time to go there but on a day such as this, I did stop by to see what’s going on there and equally make my contributions. Interestingly, my gmail is full which means that I need to purchase additional gigabyte. I am doing my research and should have that sorted out by Monday before I can no longer accept emails.

Work Out

By the time it was evening, I went on YouTube to catch up on some of the videos there including checking the statistics on the new video which we just uploaded. After which I searched for my favourite fitness blender quick sweat cardio workout. It took me about 8 minutes and I did sweat. I guess I have added all that calorie back after having fufu and ofe nsala tonight *smiles*.

Salt and Sugar Scrub

Since I am home, I already scheduled my scrub today but did tonight after working out using the opal luxe salt and sugar body scrub in the peppermint flavor. If you want to know more about that, let me know. I also did some facial masking with Queen Helene product and then rinsed off nicely to apply my baby powder.

That pretty much sums up my election day as I get ready to catch up with the gram after posting this piece and then say a word of prayer as sleep sets in.

How did you spend your day?

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