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I Was Born A Light

Good morning lovelies and welcome to another new working week. I know we never get enough of the weekend and only hope that we can continue the fun the next day but Monday smiles at you to begin the day thinking of how to raise your daily bread.

I got inaugurated as the Secretary General of the Young Catholic Professionals of my parish which is a big deal to me as I see it as an additional avenue to serve God with my skills. However, I was going to turn down the position when I was elected but the priest reminded us that the voice of the people is the voice of God and if you are elected, it is an opportunity to serve God’s people. 
This just reminds me of how I always wanted to have leadership positions in Primary School but by the time I got into Secondary school, that want began to fade away but the people began to see it as a need to make me a leader. It was something I could no longer shy away from but give in my best not to let down those who did believe in me. 
Reality becomes that whenever people entrust you with the right to lead them, it is not your rightg but an opportunity to let the light which you carry to shine bright so that it can illuminate the lives of those whom you lead. I have come to realise that I was born a light and so were you. Therefore, no matter the position you occupy today, let that light shine. Someone is looking closely at you and is likely to be affected by your charisma. Do not dim your light that they become blind but shine bright so that they get the rays of hope. 
Continuously tell yourself that you were born a light and do not let even the challenges that we are dazed with fizzle out your light. This is particularly dear to my heart especially in this time when the Nigerian elections are about to take place. Let the light which you shine be one that makes everyone vote peacefully not one that creates chaos. Jimi Agbaje said something I stumbled on while watching Channels Television. He said, ‘If you seek for political office and you do not win, accept it in good fate and move on because, it shows that the people whom you seek to serve do not want you to serve them’. 
Wise words?
With love,

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