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Illuminated Lids- Finding Quality Eyeshadows

This week, we will be sharing tips on how to select quality eyeshadows. As a makeup artist, I know how hard it is finding quality eyeshadows and staying on a budget. And not all of us can create a MAC eyeshadow palette or buy very expensive brands, so here are some factors to look into when planning to purchase an eyeshadow palette or pot.


With so many makeup brands and palettes, it’s so hard to find a good palette that has quality pigments. There are shadows that have up to 150 shades and there is a very high chance that those shadows are barely pigmented (that is, they are very light or barely visible unless a lot is applied). You will always know pigmented shadows by how vibrant they appear even when they are not used with a primer. Tip: If you are unfortunate to spend money on a poorly pigmented eyeshadow, use a primer that comes off looking whitish or creamish. This helps bring out the colour of the eyeshadow, making it look more pigmented than it really is. fig1

Chemical content

The contents of every eyeshadow is very important. As an artist, I take interest in knowing the chemical contents in every product I use. Doing this may just save you from the unwanted skin reactions. You must take this step when you are trying to figure out what brand of eyeshadow to buy.fig2


When I say buildable, I mean how well eyeshadow can be layered without it looking funny. The more you layer the eyeshadow the more pigmented it should look; a pigmented eyeshadow would be very buildable. The picture below shows the stages of layering the Ultra and Smashbox eyeshadows. fig3


An eyeshadow’s blendability is dependent on its pigmentation and buildability. These three concepts are all intertwined. Very good eyeshadows should be buildable and blendable. When blending, there should be no harsh lines and each colour should fade easily into the other without losing its consistency. An eyeshadow that loses its consistency during blending is barely pigmented and not very good quality. Note: Notice how the nameless brand looks very patchy and does not fade –in as well as the other brands. fig4

Test it out

Don’t take reviews to heart! After buying not-so-stellar beauty products, I decided to make sure I try products out at the store or get samples before I actually buy the product. I know for eyeshadows it can be quite tricky because not a lot of companies give out samples. If you are not able to get a sample, just go into the store and try them on your hand. It’s important to test them out on your bare skin and also on primers. This way, you will know how the eyeshadow responds when the base of the eye is primed and unprimed.

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