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Infinix Mobility is set to launch another first of its kind feature in Africa

There have been speculations that Infinix Mobility is set to roll out a new smartphone feature- one that has never been seen in Africa.

As you will agree, smartphones are our devoted electronic companions. Its advent has revolutionised everything around us. In recent times, they have transcended from mere electronic devices to even accessories which we use in making fashion statements. It is for this reason that brands need to be consistent in releasing innovative products if they must make profit within the mobile space.

Since their entry into the mobile market space in 2012, Infinix Mobility has found ways to stay ahead of its competitors by rolling out new features with the release of each smartphone. Just recently, they released a budget friendly phone which comes with the latest android technology. It is for this reason that we have every cause to pay close attention to the speculations mentioned earlier in this post.

What we hear is that Infinix Mobility might release an updated version of the Hot S3. Not only that, this device would possess a first of its kind feature – one that has never been seen or heard of within the smartphone ecosystem in Africa. Our sources say the smartphone is likely to have the following features;

  • a 60MP rear camera
  • a new screen display
  • a camera with super pixel zoom
  • a 1 terabyte ROM
  • an updated operating system
  • an automated selfie camera with LED flash
  • long lasting battery

This sounds too good to be true but then again, with Infinix Mobility, anything is possible.

Here are some of the images which our sources released to us alongside the information;

infinix mobility



We will make sure to update you as we get more information.

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