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Inspiring Personality: How Far Are You Willing To Go

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Life isn’t a bed of roses, contrary to what many of us may have grown up to believe. All that media stunt you watch on TV and the numerous fairy tale movies that have got you brainwashed are nothing but fiction. The reality of life is, we are faced with a number of hurdles, no matter how capable we may be. It will interest you to know that even those whom we stay afar and admire also have some pressing issues to address that may even threaten their very existence. But in the face of all this, how far are you willing to go?
As I tried to prepare something for you to ponder upon this month, I came across a story on Bellanaija– one of my favorite weblogs. It is the story of a 2:1 graduate of Coventry University who is based in the United kingdom and from the sound of his name, I am guessing has some Nigerian background to him. His name is Alfred Ajani. He graduated with a degree in marketing but since graduation, he hasn’t been able to land his dream job. He got tired of sending in his CVs to hundreds of companies that probably never got back to him (I guess Nigerian graduates know that feeling). Rather than stay home and lament all day while cursing the system and expecting a miracle to happen, he chose to do something out of the ordinary.
Alfred went straight to the Waterloo train station with a placard advertising himself. Did I hear you say Whao! Or, that one can only happen in the UK ‘jare’? My dear, that one can happen anywhere o! Alfred got people approaching him that by noon on that same day, he got a job interview.
First thing you must note is that he didn’t just dress up in some rags and head out to the train station expecting people to look his way. From the picture above, you can tell that Alfred did dress up like one who was ready for on-the-spot interview.
Secondly, he put aside his pride, a thing that many of us may not be able to pull off simply because we wish to impress our friends or some crush. My dear, forget o! Alfred will get a well paid job and whomever he has a crush on will come to love and respect him for his daring action.
Thirdly, let us hear to think out of the box. He did and see where that landed him.
I really can’t wait to hear what job he got, his position ad if possible his salary (which may never be revealed but his new lifestyle may tell). I wish Alfred all the best in his new career even as he strives to become one of the best marketing or advertising executives the world has produced.
Editor’s Note: While preparing this, someone did say to me, ‘He is not a personality’! I kinda agree in the contemporary sense of who is referred to as a personality. However, he did something that I want us all to learn from which is, Thinking out of the box.

You have read Alfred’s story. What is your own story? If you do not have one yet, what are you doing to ensure you have an inspiring and positive story? Finally, how far are you willing to go to get that one thing you really need to take you to the next level in your career?

We mourn the loss of another media Icon, Joan Rivers. A woman who is a trail blazer and most popular for being the host on Fashion Police. She passed on yesterday at about 1:12 pm American time. To read her daughter’s release on her death, click here

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