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Inspiring Personality: June

Yipee, it is the first Friday of the Month and as I started off two months ago on the blog, I will be bringing to you another person who we can learn from. Someone whose story should spur something inside of us.

I got asked by a friend if I get a new role model every month and I need to do a quick clarification on that. I do have my personal role models but, those I put on this blog are not just my personal role models. They are people who I think can inspire you and I. I have learnt one or two things from them but, in general, they can be someone’s number one role model. However, in order to avoid any misinterpretation on the issue, we are not going to use the word role models any more but just base them as inspiring personality.

The inspiring personality for the month is only 30 years old but yet has achieved so much. Reading through his profile on Forbes and all the research materials I had to go through on him, I got super propelled in my spirit. I need to work extra hard so that when i am his age, I can attain the heights he has attained. That should be your determination after reading about our inspiring personality for June, Ashish Thakkar.

photo credit: Forbes

Thakkar started out by selling computers in Uganda to his colleagues and friends while in high school. Talk about humble beginnings. From the little money he started out with at the time, of which it was a loan, his company is worth over 100 million dollars as revenue.

The Mara group, which is the name of the company headed by Thakkar, does everything from real estate and tourism to financial services, information and communciations technology, renewable energy and technology. The company operates in 16 countries spread around 4 continents.

According to Mfonobong Esehe, Thakkar did not inherit any of his wealth but rather built everything from the scratch. In the interview he had with Thakkar, he says, ‘I believe a strong sense of perseverance, always thinking big and aiming high, and of course positivity, has allowed me to realize my vision. We have a truly motivated team and take pride in our energetic, flexible and long-term approach to relationships with employees, partners and clients. This, combined with astute leadership and a can-do culture built on motivation and people, is what pushes Mara onwards and upwards’.

Thakkar has definitely not forgotten how he started as he has a foundation that focuses on entrepreneurship and education. Mara Foundation provides three different types of support. The first is the Entrepreneur Launchpad, a business mentorship program which connects emerging entrepreneurs with top business leaders who have volunteered to provide mentorship for six months. This project has mentored around 120 small businesses in East Africa so far.

I am awed by this brilliant persoanlity and I do hope you are as well. he has recently been nominated for the MTV base leadership award. We wish him all the best in his nominations. Ashish J. Thakkar was also appointed as a World Economic Forum Global Young Leader.

To read the complete interview done on Forbes website, click here

Till I come  your way again,
Stay inspired!

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