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Inspiring Personality Of The Month

Sometimes, rejection can make you you feel really worthless but rather than bulge, simply make something positive out of that rejection and you will find yourself flying above the skies. Those who rejected you will suddenly begin to look upto you as the star in the skies. Even the Bible says, “The rejected stone has become the corner stone”.

The inspiring personality of the month is a woman whose ideas and skills may have been tossed out in the past but today, the world reckons with her. As one who isn’t such a big fan of makeup brands, I never knew who she was until the Make-Up In Nigeria Conference earlier this year and I must confess, she is  a strong woman who knows what she is doing and what she posseses. little wonder she is not afraid to showoff what she has got. Her name is Khuraira Musa.
 Born in the Northern part of Nigeria, Khuraira lost her mother at birth and rather than be left alone as an orphan, her aunt adopted her and took care of her. She made sure to train Khuraira with the little she had and today, it paid off for her. Khuraiara is not ungrateful for the gesture shown to her by her aunt as she forever remembers where she started from and gives back to her community as she supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education for African children.
She was quite fortunate to become relevant in the United States of America as ashe started out her career working alongside makeup industry icons, such as Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier. As a valuable member of Trish McEvoy’s national team, Khuraira traveled the world teaching women about the hottest makeup trends as well as helping them create their unique individual looks. Later, as a national makeup artist with Laura Mercier and one of Laura’s personal assistants, Khuraira trained makeup artists in the art of achieving a flawless look every time.
With her vast experience, she decided to make her own brand of cosmetics   not only to solve for beauty problems such as dark circles or discoloration on areas of the face and lips, but  to combine makeup with skincare that was quick, easy and long-lasting while still creating a flawless look every time.I was opportuned to experience her makeup techniques at the MINC and I was impressed. You can tell that other participants were impressed with the amount of people at her booth by the time she was done with her presentation. I can’t wait to get my hands on her product.
She has worked with some high profile Hollywood celebrities and has been featured in quite a number of publications in the media both in Nigeria and abroad. She is a wife and a mother who celebrates the beauty of African women. At the MINC, she showed her detest for skin lightening emphasizing that black skinned women should be proud of their color. She said, ‘Any man who says you need to lighten your skin for him to appreciate you, ask him to lighten his’. From the way she spoke, one can tell that she must be a tough lady and pretty disciplined.
Her airbrushing is awesome and so far, she is the only one I know that does that airbrushing. It seems so easy or maybe she just makes it look so as I understand it requires a lot of training.
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I am proud of who she is and who she has become. I wish her many more feats in the future.

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Till I come your way again, be visible.
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