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Introducing, Dolce and Gabbana Velvet Collection

What really comes to mind when you hear the word velvet if not luxury, and that is exactly what Dolce and Gabbana Velvet Collection is all about. As Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana says, “Velvet: a material with dual personality, luxurious but also simple, noble but also humble… this duality is at the heart of all we do.”

The world of Dolce&Gabbana is one of exquisite luxury which is the subject matter for the designers’ latest composition: an artisanally made collection of opulent fragrances inspired by creative influences gathered from their own lives.

The collection which is made up of Eight scents, each bearing reference to specific olfactory influences coming from the designers themselves: sweet, voluptuous velvet tender oud, smoky, mysterious velvet desert oud, sweet, woody velvet vetiver, raw, seductive velvet wood, luxurious velvet patchouli, sensual velvet sublime, decadent velvet desire and a rich, hypnotic velvet love.

Each of the scent is distinct to individual personalities, making it possible for consumers to identify with at least one or more from the collection. In the same vein, the bottles attract different individuals with the color differentiation on the cap. The fuschia and baby pink, speaks more to the ladies while the dark brown and the light brown speak more to the men. The purple and the green bottle are the perfect table decorations as they add color to your makeup table.

The fragrance is presently available at Essenza stores only and in the spirit of the Sallah celebrations, look out for the beautiful ladies from Dolce and Gabbana as they present you with luxury items with your purchase.


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