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Introducing STailors- a fashion initiative for emerging tailors.

It is Tailor’s Day and we are celebrating in a very big way on SoTectonic with the reveal of a new project targeted at emerging tailors.

Few days back, I dropped the hint that we were set to launch a new project. The reactions on Instagram warmed my heart, boosting my confidence to launch. I have been conceptualizing this project for quite some time but the bigger picture always had my legs weak as it felt like something too big. I certainly did not want to mess it up but you know what they say, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”. Besides, another wise man said, “If you can’t stop thinking about it, just do it”. Hence, the reveal of our own fashion initiative for emerging tailors, STailors.

STailors was born out of my love for prints. I have always loved prints which became more pronounced with my portfolio as the media brand ambassador of VEBA, a leading producer of cotton jacquard fabrics. What many do not know is, my contract does not demand of me to wear VEBA all the time but, my love for prints and the quality of VEBA makes me wear it often.

About VEBA

Based in Europe, VEBA has its headquarters in Broumov, a little town in Czech Republic. It has been producing home and clothing textiles since 1856. Upon my first visit to theh factory, I was beyond amazed at the amount of labour and passion put into the designing and production of every single fabric. These fabrics are very unique in its texture and even its designs as they use the finest Egyptian cottons in production. Hence, it is lighter, more breathable and richer in quality than most.

I have experienced this design for 3years with a few established tailors but I have decided to let young emerging tailors to experience this luxury brand. Hence, the partnership between Veba and SoTectonic in executing the first edition of STailors. The aim of STailors is to discover young tailors with a wealth of creativity and precise attention to details. Individuals who may not necessarily have all the facilities and equipment but, are passionate about the business of tailoring.


STailors launches today, the 4th of June, 2018 with a call for entries from interested tailors. These tailors must be between the ages of 18 and 30, living in Lagos with samples of their previous works. They will need to send an email to expressing their passion for tailoring with samples of their work. There will be a shortlisting process to determine the number of tailors that I will be working with.


This project is wholesome as it goes beyond paying the selected tailors for their service. The selected tailors will have access to the following;

  • Opportunity to work with a multinational textile company, VEBA.
  • Access to relevant tools for enhancing their skills.
  • Free social media management and consulting for one month.
  • Free advert placement on SoTectonic for one month.

Please, click the share buttons. You will find them on the left hand corner of this page. Thank you for constantly supporting my dreams but this one is definitely more than my dream. It’s our dream!


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