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Introducing #TheNextGalaxy- Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+

Yesterday was an amazing evening with Samsung as I sat in with other friends of Samsung to herald #TheNextGalaxy- Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The event which took place at Four points by Sheraton was the private screening of Samsung Unpacked 2017- the official event by Samsung to announce the latest Galaxy. It held in New York but we got to stream in, courtesy Samsung Nigeria. This seems like the closest to actualising my dream of being in the Unpacked room. We got to watch Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ unboxed by DJ Koh while his other colleagues took us through all of the features to look out for in the new devices as well as a few accessories which were developed alongside the #TheNextGalaxy.

Going by all of the information that we gathered from the event, here is what to expect from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+:


#TheNextGalaxy has an infinity display as the bezel is gone. What this means is that the screen spills over the end sides making it difficult to tell the end of the screen and the start of the frame. This means that you get a larger screen size of 5.8″ inches for the S8 and 6.2″ for the S8+. Asides from the infinity display, another feature that really caught our attention was the invisible home button. How that works can only be better explained when we get our hands on it.


As a lifestyle blogger and a Talent Manager, the camera quality of every phone I own is very important which was why I listened rather attentively when Justine Denison started to talk about the S8 and S8+ camera features. The camera seems like it will be pretty much what you have with the S7 and the S7 edge but better. For instance, the multi-processor will allow for you to take multiple images of the same moment and then combine the best part of each one to create one image. The front camera is higher by 3mp which means we should expect #TheNextGalaxy to come with 8mp sensor and an autofocus that dictates your face.


The S8 and S8+ comes with additional biometric authentication. Asides from using pins and patterns, you can now use your face or iris to protect your device. The fingerprint scan is still very much available but this time, it is at the back.


With the S8 and S8+, you get immersive viewing- an almost similar experience with what you get when you visit IMAX but on a mobile device. The device already got itself a mobile HDR premium certificate and is the first to do so. Battery wise, it looks like this will be lasting a lot longer with 3000mAh and 3500mAh for the S8 and S8+ respectively. The CPU is equally better and even more amazing with 10nm processor.


Sriram Thodla swept our feet away with his presentation when he introduced Bixby- a new interface that reimagines the user’s experience. Bixby is built to talk, see, recommend and remind. So, not only do you sue Bixby to search for things, you get to do so much more. One of the fascinating features is that Bixby can help you find online stores that have an item you want using pictures. So, you snap an item and Bixby will try to locate the closest item to what you have just snapped.

These and more is what we are to expect from #TheNextGalaxy. Unfortunately, the device will not be available until the 12th of April, 2017 but in Nigeria, it will be even longer as we were informed that it may not get to Nigeria until the first week of May. As for the cost which I guess must be the big thing on the mind of many, that has not been fixed.

Was it worth the hype? I guess I will have to answer that right after the device gets here but is it something to look forward to? I will say, YES! What do you think?

Oma Ehiri

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