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iPhone X: What’s The Hype?

Few days back, Apple officially dropped the long anticipated iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, an extension of its regular line of iPhones but with improved aesthetic design and an upgrade in its software. The device is said to be made of glass; back and front which makes it easy for wireless charging. This really makes it different from the 7 and 7plus though if you thought the company made an error in making the charging port same with the head phones port, they didn’t. From reviews online, it is back the same way with the 8 and 8plus. Camera quality is definitely better and more improved. All of which you can read up HERE. The main game changer is with the iPhone X which we will like to focus on.

In addition to the 2 devices launched, Apple dropped the iPhone X which everyone has been raving about since the announcement. Despite the hike jn price which is definitely a long way from the price of the 8 and the 8plus, Apple fans are so eager to meet the X and some have started to make plans to shop. This made us do an extended research on the device so that our readers can know if this is worth splurging on.

First of all, you cannot mistake the iPhone X for any of the other devices. It spots an all new screen design as the 5.8 inches device is all glass with the screen extending from one edge of the device to the other. Just incase you are worried about the glass, Apple assures consumers that, asides from being water and dust resistance, the glass is the most durable glass ever. The home button is equally missing from this device as Apple allows you to oopen up the device or go to the home page simply by swiping.

Apple users have always spoken so highly of the security features of an apple device. We guess they now have another reason to brag with the face recognition feature which the company included the security options. Interesting how you can use Apple Pay and check out with just a glance.

For most of us, the camera is really the ultimate in any smartphone as manufacturers are making it a lot easier to use the smartphone to capture quality pictures especially for content creators. The iPhone X went steps further from the other iphone devices spotting a 12mp sensor that is larger and faster, deeper pixels and we hear that it is a dual camera.

There is so much to know about the device which you can find HERE. If we ever get our hands on one, we will be sure to bring you a proper review of the device. Till then, let us know if you will be splurging on the iPhone X.

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