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It’s All About Bicycles

I guess I am getting used to sharing my thoughts with you on this column. It is so beautiful to go through my files and discover some of what may seem random but is actually not in every sense of it. This week, it is all about the bicycles!

While in Amsterdam, I noticed a lot more bicycles on the road than cars. Ladies with very skin hugging skirts still found a way to get on the bicycle and ride it. It seemed really fancy to ride one to an event and have it parked in a reserved session like the one you see in the featured image. Locked and safe that no one could easily take it away. I even noticed that they sometimes had extra partitions for other things that they were carrying or to keep their kids safe while they ride.

As I captured this in the park, I whispered to my companion saying, ‘If only we could embrace this as an alternative means of transportation in Nigeria’. With all the traffic in the city, having the bicycle on the road will get the roads a lot free than it is now. I would still have to take the cars and the buses though as I am one of those that still needs to learn how to ride a bicycle. However, it is something that the society should give a thought and the Government can begin to set the roads in a way that the cyclists have a path to ride, not getting in the way of other road users.

With bicycles, we could be spending saving more financially as we spend less on transportation or don’t you agree?

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