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Iwa Akwa Ceremony Captured With The Samsung Galaxy A5

During the holidays, I took a few days off to the village because I had to attend a traditional festival common with people from my Local Government. It is called the Iwa Akwa festival which literally can be translated to Wearing of Cloth.

When I was much younger, I always looked forward to the festival because it was just about the only traditional festival that happened during the Christmas/New Year holidays and only till recently, I never missed any. At that time, things were done a little differently from what we have now owing to modernization and certain evolving trends including the need to ensure the safety of all. For instance, the young men are no longer allowed to go to the market with their swords but just the sheath. They no longer jump the hole and a lot of other things which I am hoping that I can get published in my first BN post for the year else, I will do you another write up.
My last set of twin cousins were actively involved in this year’s own and I got to capture some of the moments using the Samsung Galaxy A5. I know I have talked so much about this phone already but I don’t expect you to get bored yet. As a matter of fact, when you do eventually purchase the phone, you will be forced to tal as much as I do about the phone.
For now, enjoy the pictures from the Iwa Akwa festival….
The boys had just been tied the attire by their immediate elders (those who did the ceremony 3 years ago) and coincidentally, their immediate elder brother was part of that set.
By now, people know that Igbos use powder a lot to welcome you especially during naming ceemonies. That explains the lots of powder on the boys and their mum.
I was given the custom made shirt by the boy
 They had gone to pay visit to another of their mate just before it was time to head to the market and they got carried as a sign of celebration
Asides from the sheat that they caryy, they also carry the whistle 
The boys who would soon become men were being prayed for by the council of elders sent by their Igwe (the king of the land)
 They are off to the market with their wrappers on a long stick to show them off to people even from a distance
Their elders had asked them to lie on the floor (please don’t ask me why *lol*)
Dancing to the market
The juniors who will be doing theirs in 3 years time fighting for the rope. I guess to determine which side will be leading the others to the market.
Just back from the market and dad came around to spoil his sister a little. That is the mother of 12 and yet she is looking fit!
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