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JAMB questions- The review

We just saw the video for Jamb question by Simi and we can’t help but be amused by all the gestures by Falz. Directed by Mex Film, the interpretation of the music as seen in the video is about those guys who use the most cheesy lines in tying to get a babe.

Most of bus are probably familiar with the I recognise you line or you look very familiar. Well, this is even worse. We never really listened to the song but with the video, the lyrics sticks to our head and we can’t play it without playing the video in our head.

According to one of our review partners, Jude, the Bahd Guy’s face, Falz, is everything. The one that caught us was the part of “does your dad play football”? Really? Simi did so well with the lyrics and girl, asking Falz to play that role was a fantastic decision.

While the interpretation of the roles were fantastic especially on Falz side, Simi needs to improve on her ‘swag’ and there was just something about the eyeshadow that we couldn’t really place. The director did well with even all the props and whoever decided that Abeokuta was the place to shoot made a good pick. The video quality was equally great. So clear and so was the sound.  Like Naija films, it did say to be continued but we don’t mind cos truth be told, who doesn’t want to hear Falz on that beat. With the concept, he is are to kill it.

To view the video, see link below and hey, tell us what you think. If you liked it,  share with your friends.


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