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Joeboy Unveils Major News at Premiere of YouTube’s ‘Up Close With’ Series

Joeboy got up close with fans and revealed information about his new album and a genre bending collaboration at a YouTube event.

Nigerian sensation Joeboy thrilled fans at the premiere of YouTube’s “Up Close with…” series in Lagos, where he made two significant announcements: his highly anticipated new album and a groundbreaking collaboration with the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON).

Intimate Evening with Joeboy:

YouTube’s “Up Close with…” series kicked off in Lagos with an intimate evening featuring Nigerian singer and songwriter Joeboy. Fans were treated to an exclusive glimpse into his world, blending insightful conversation with the exciting reveal of his next musical chapter.

Revelation of New Album:

Throughout the night, Joeboy shared insights into his artistic journey, from breakout hit “Fààjí” to chart-toppers like “Baby” and “Sip.” The highlight of the evening was the revelation of his highly anticipated new album, promising to elevate his artistry to new heights. Joeboy stated, “The new album will be out this year. However, I want to take some time to prepare for the release. This way, when it finally drops, everything will be set up perfectly for a grand launch.”

Groundbreaking Collaboration with MUSON:

The event’s climax featured a surprise collaboration between Joeboy and the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON). Together, they crafted an orchestral reinterpretation of his hits, showcasing his versatility and the collaborative spirit of Afrobeats. This innovative fusion, set to premiere on his YouTube channel, underscores the limitless possibilities within the African music landscape.

YouTube’s Commitment to African Talent:

Addy Awofisayo, YouTube Head of Music, Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasized the significance of the “Up Close with…” series in providing a platform for African artists to connect with fans on a deeper level. He praised Joeboy’s album announcement and innovative MUSON collaboration as a testament to African artists’ creativity and global ambition.

Spotlight on African Music:

The “Up Close with…” series aims to spotlight artists like Joeboy who are at the forefront of evolving the Afrobeats genre. This initiative reflects YouTube’s dedication to showcasing African talent internationally, aligning with broader strategies such as the Foundry artist development program.

Exciting Collaboration Premiere:

Starting Friday, March 29, fans can experience his collaboration with the MUSON orchestra on his YouTube channel, offering a new dimension of his artistry to audiences worldwide. For more information, visit our Google Africa Blog: You can also follow Google’s Africa team on Twitter:

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