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Join the Summer Shopping- Bland2Glam Edition

It is summer time and like every other vacation time, it is shopping time. For those who may not be travelling and still want to get some additions to their closet, we will be bringing you a few stores where you can get something that suits you.

On our first shopping edition, we bring you the online accessory store, Bland2Glam. They sell jewelries, sunglasses and a few other fashion accessories.


Bland2Glam is one of the easiest shopping sites that we have logged onto in recent times as the process is so easy without any complications whatsoever. We were gifted a N5000 voucher by the owner of the company and on first try, it didn’t sail through becaause we logged in later than expected. So, the company had deactivated the code thinking that we had utilised it. As soon as we called and it was up, every other thing was so swift. It was a tough one making a selection since it had to be shipped to Oma’s closet for some of her photo sessions for that column. We finally had a few people over and unanimously agreed to go for a pearl set which had a pair of ear rings and a brooch.

The company got the parcel delivered to the office in less than 24 hours at no additional cost since our order was N4500 and the delivery was only a little above N500. So, our shopping voucher took care of that. For us, we find this rather efficient and are completely unaware of any Nigerian online shopping site that can do this. We remember an experience with some online store that took about 2 weeks to deliver and another took about the same time until we cancelled the order.

As earlier mentioned, the pearl set cost us N4500. We have posted a picture below. You be the judge…. Was the cost worth the set?20150609_142311

The jewelry came in the regular nylons which isn’t a bad idea but, it would have been so much more attractive if they had packed it into a box of some sort in case we decided to gift the set to someone.

If you are looking to get some fashion accessories as quickly as possible, then you should visit

Have you tried shopping on Bland2Glam? Get back to us with your experience and let us know if there are some other accessory sites that we can shop on. We have got AliExpress on our mind though *smiles*

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