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June Product Haul (skincare, wellness & Cooking items)

This may be the reason why I spent the most money in June.

In June, I did some shopping which made my expenses in June the most for the year 2020. The only explanation that I have is, we were entering the second half of the year which necessitated the need for a product haul.

I published a video showcasing the product haul on YouTube. In that video, I promised to share pictures on the website. Here they are alongside the necessary links and the price of each item except the pot.

Wellness Product Haul:

Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea

Price: N650


Ahmad mystique mint tea is my all-time favourite green tea. I ran out and for months, I couldn’t get it from any of the major stores where I used to purchase it. Fortunately for me, I stumbled on the official Instagram page for the brand in Nigeria and a few weeks after, they stocked the products. To ensure that I have enough, I got 5 of the mystique mint tea with one pack of the mango magic black tea.

The Ahmad mystique mint tea helps me with digestion. You can purchase the item from Ahmad Nigeria.

Self-Stirring Mug

Stirring mug

Price unknown as it was a gift


As the name implies, the mug stirs itself with the aid of a pair of batteries. All you need to do is click the yellow button on the mug. You can contact VCEE to purchase yours!


The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution


I started using this product in March to tone my underarm and occasionally to tone my back, chest and shoulder area. I ran out this morning but already kept this for myself from The SoTectonic Shop.

Nokware Black soap

Nokware Black Soap


The first set that I got was from Nokware in Ghana but when I saw that African Beauty Collective was stocking the products, I decided to restock because the Neem black soap is known to always sell out. However, I purchased the neem oil and the activated black charcoal this time.

These black soaps are said to be for acne-prone skin and aid the removal of black spots.

African Beauty Collective also sent me this lipgloss by Evita Joseph as a gift.


Evita Joseph lip gloss

Kadi Beauty Craft Hair Growth and Dandruff Removal Cream

Kadi beauty Craft hair cream


I have seen people use the product and it worked for them. So, I thought to use and hope to achieve similar results because, from experience, I know that people can swear by a product, yet, it will not work for me. So, let us hope this works for me.

Neo-Medrol Acne Lotion

Neo medrol acne lotion


I started using this many years back and keep it handy. It works for acne and men use it as an aftershave as well.

Nycil baby powder with lavender

Nycil baby powder


This has been my powder since I started treating acne from many years back and has grown on me. This was another product that seemed scarce but finally found it as Just Rite at Ojodu Berger.

Cotton Pads and Cotton Wool

cotton wool and cotton pad

N650 and N950 respectively

In my YouTube video, I shared how I use these products and why.

I got the cotton pads from Miniso and the cotton wool from ShopRite.

I use this to tone my underarm, my back and my chest and I got it from Shoprite.


Set of non-stick potsnon-stick pot

This was my biggest buy in the month of June. It is a 5set pot (see all the pots and the sizes on the YouTube mini haul video).

Set of non-stick spoons

non-stick spoons


I just found out that you cannot use the iron spoons on the non-stick pot to avoid damage. Hence, why I purchased this.

I already crave a new product haul but not sure it will be this quarter. Top 3 on that list is an air fryer, a whistling kettle and a canon m50 or m100. Have you used any of these? Do not hesitate to share in the comment section.

You can watch the haul video below;

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