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#KachOma: Our Love Story + How He Proposed

How We Met:

Oma: It all started in 2013 at a gym. I was trying to get fit and build my stamina when I met this fine young man who seemed really different from all the other guys at the gym. I didn’t get around to speaking to him before someone will think that he is a hot stuffz *smiles*pre wedding shoot in the gym

Kachi: Well, I also noticed her and was wondering what she was doing in the gym because she has a nice figure. So, I was curious as to what weight she was trying to lose but I later got to find out that she was just trying to be strong.

Oma: We barely ever spoke to each other until music broke the ice. I was playing music from my phone through the gym’s speakers and he wanted to play from his phone. He asked me if he could and I obliged him. Whilst the music was playing, I heard Up in the club by Marques Houston and asked if I could get it. That was the beginning of our friendship which blossomed into love right.

On the 10th of July 2013, he made the dating thing official and then few weeks after, he asked me to marry him but I felt it was all too soon.

Kachi: I brought it up as part of a conversation because I thought it would be cool for us to get married. I knew I wanted to make her my wife and I guess she was feeling the boy too *laughs* When I was leaving the country 2years after, I asked her again but we couldn’t make it happen before I left.

Oma: Yes, he did ask me to marry him but I wanted to be sure that the love will be there even from a distance. Besides, there were a couple of procedures that we needed to take before getting married and all that could not be done in a rush.

How He Proposed

Kachi: In 2016, she came over to Europe to work and I knew this was the perfect time to pop the question. I also wanted to keep it simple but still add the surprise element. So, I chose to take her to Perros-Guirec and right in the middle of water surrounded by rocks and just one witness, my friend.engagement

Oma: We always talked about proposals. So, he already had an idea of the kind of rings I like and the kind of proposals that I love. I knew we were going to get married and that I would eventually get a ring but, I wasn’t sure when. In fact, I thought he was just going to come home and see my parents and then the ring would come after. So, following him to Perros-Guirec, I thought we were going to shoot for my blog. Only for him to encourage me to get closer to the sea. All this while, I was thinking, oh maybe for the views. Until he started his speech and then, went on one knee to pop the question. I can’t even remember if I said yes but my action was all the yes, he needed. It was the perfect proposal for me- surrounded by the trees, rocks, the sea and just one witness who helped us to capture the moment. Click HERE to watch.

About the Prewedding shots

Oma: On my first trip to Broumov, I fell in love with the little town in Czech Republic. Fortunately, the town has one of the most beautiful monasteries that I have ever seen. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to get married in Broumov. Unfortunately, you know what they say about the wedding being for the family and the marriage is yours? We couldn’t move the wedding party to Broumov because our mothers needed their friends to be in attendance and we had to oblige them. Since I couldn’t have the wedding in Broumov, we decided to have the pre- wedding shoot there. Though it was super freezing at the time, we managed to pull it off and created some moments that you see now.


nigerian couple

pre wedding

winter shoot



heavenly bodies


Photographer: Michal Kohlert
Fabric: VEBA (@vebafashion)
Oma’s Designer: Elan Fashion (@elanfashion_ng)
Kachi’s VEBA Agbada and Kaftan: Funmi
Kachi’s VEBA shirt: Tailored by Tayo (@tailoredbytayo)
Hair Extension: ST Hair & Beauty (@sthairandbeauty)
Couple’s cap and bride’s head piece: BBN Wonderland
Location: VEBA resort centre, Broumov, Czech Republic
Manor House, Broumov, Czech Republic
Broumov Monastery, Czech Republic


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