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Last month was quite an interesting one. I had fun; maybe not in the way that many of you did but being able to share my thoughts with you on this platform was more than enough fun. Getting feedbacks from you in our mail box and on social media, goes a long way (we hope that someday you can learn to leave your comments on the page). We had a new love lady who we will reveal to you in the course of this month and then we had winners from other campaigns that we ran within these 28 love filled days.

February 2017 is now behind us and my favorite month of every year is here- the month of March. Asides from being my birth month, astrologers agree that it is the month where things presumed to have ended, pick up almost immediately. I deduce this because it is the month with the last and the first Zodiac sign- Pisces and Aries.

It is also the month when we celebrate women. This year, women all over the world are called to be bold for change. Change in the working world such that women are properly included and gender equality is attained. We have different topics that we will be publishing on the site that will help enlighten women and men alike on how we can be a part of this change.

Just a quick look at some of the content you should expect this month; reviews on Lenovo and hair extensions, travel stories from Czech Republic and Italy, hair and beauty stories from the previous interviews we had with Felicia Leatherwood and Kiitana, wedding stories from the all white bridal shower we attended last year as well as bridal buzz. Still on wedding stories, we have a special feature from Adisa Olumide who will be helping us to understand how mood lights work at your weddings and if it is something that should be greatly considered. Other stories will be revealed as the days unfold.

This month, we have a few gifts to give out. So, we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list so that you do not have to be left out. We have a waist shaper courtesy of The Lingerie Lust and Brief Essentials and then there is an outfit off my closet but I haven’t decided which should go. There is also the big campaign coming up and we will announce that to you as soon as we can finalise with our partners. To get all of these updates first, click the link: and sign up to our mailing list!

On behalf of everyone who works and contributes for the brand, we wish you a happy new month!

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