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What A Make Belief Iro & Buba Looks Like

In Nigeria, weddings are a huge deal, matched with the amount of resources spent not just by the couple alone but even by the wedding guest. If not for anything, get ready to spend on the asoebi which is the uniform fabric of the day.For Ngozi and Ifeanyi’s wedding which I attended last weekend, it was a laser cut lace for the young ladies who are friends of the couple, accompanied with a sergo burgundy gele (at least that is what someone called it).

I am not so much of a lace person which made getting a style somewhat difficult. Thanks to social media where tonnes of people deposit their looks especially on Instagram and Pinterest, I found this look which I had seen made with a similar fabric. If you ever get stuck on what to make, go through Instagram searching popular hashtags like ankarastyle or asoebi and you should find something for sure. I am considering starting a style inspiration column here so that we can collate a few styles that are trendy and cool on Instagram and you can have a look anytime you stop by the blog.

What I have on looks like iro and buba. That is, the Yoruba wrapper and blouse but not everyone likes to wear that especially not the young ones like us *smiles*. Designers have however found a way around it by making a skirt and blouse and adding this bow which gives the illusion that I actually tied it. I absolutely love the concept and anyone who came up with this idea is a genius.

If you will rather watch a video of how my makeup was done and use the opportunity to learn how to tie a gele like this, then you should watch below;



Makeup and Gele: Beauty Bellaz (@beautybellaz)
Dress: Elan Fashion (@elanfashion_ng)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (retailed by


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