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Lade Ibikunle Shares Free Editing Apps That Will help You Achieve A White Background Instagram Feed

Have you ever spotted Lade Ibikunle’s (@official_lade) Instagram page? Or do you just wish that your feed had a white background theme? Well, wish no more as Lade Ibikunle shared 3 apps that she uses to edit her pictures for Instagram and the best part of it all is, they are all free.



Lade uses this app to whiten off white backgrounds. She uses the whiten tool to whiten backgrounds that are not white or to make already white backgrounds even whiter. The tool can also be used to whiten the teeth which is what it was originally designed for. Hence, the teeth editing apps


Asides from the whitening, Lade uses Snapseed to edit the rest of the pictures including, smoothening of her skin, adding sharpness, highlight and contrast. In the image below, she also made the girl in the image to disappear using the healing tool in Snapseed.fre editing apps


With Vsco cam, you can shoot images which is more superioir than the presets that comes with your mobile phone.

Remember you do not have to spend a dime to use any of these apps. All you need is yoru data to download them from your app store. After which you are on your way to creating a white background theme for your Instagram feed. Let us know if you will like to try these apps and what apps you use in editing.

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