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Life After the Wedding Day

Long before I got married, I always heard the saying, “There is life after the wedding day”. The second often said tagline after this was, “The marriage begins after the wedding day”. These were words that I never took for granted and as I planned my wedding, I was conscious of these words. Maybe too conscious that one might have concluded I was a budget bride- a tag that I do not dispute at all.

I had heard way too many tales of woe with regards to couples who suffered a great deal right after their wedding day. In most cases, the struggle was really about finance. I have heard of couples who start fighting over the money they got from the dance floor. There are couples who have become case in study or referral points for vendors. Not in a good way but because, they still owe them many years after the wedding.

The key to preventing drama is not just budgeting but putting into cognisance life after the wedding while you budget. I say this because if you have 10million Naira and make a wedding budget of 10million Naira, you have done a budget and stayed within the available resources. However, you have chosen to ignore the life after the wedding day which is a whole lot of years.

If I had that money, I will ensure that 3 million Naira is kept aside for the life after, 2 million Naira for miscellaneous activities that can pop up and believe me, they could. 5 million Naira could then be the budget for the wedding. If you have someone like me in your corner, you are likely to still save from that 5 million Naira. If for any reason we touched the 2million Naira, you will look back and say, it was absolutely needed as whatever it was that made us touch it, was because we completely forgot about the item or service.

I decided to use these images because there was a poll on IG requesting to see my full thanksgiving outfit but then again, it tied into the post of the day as this was the first outfit I wore right after my wedding day.asoebi style

It was the Sunday thanksgiving mass also known as the outing service by some. We included this outfit in the wedding budget, including the items that we took to church for thanksgiving.veba fashion

Outfit Details

Fabric: Veba Fashion
Designer: Elan Fashion
Makeup: Beauty Bellaz
Photography: Oluwatobii

Let me mention that we were not perfect with our budgeting. We had some spill overs especially with food and drinks which is usually a bulk of the budget. However, we stuck to our budget significantly. This post is not to judge but to remind couples not to lose sight of life after the wedding day. Plan for it. It is the moment that you should truly plan for.

Have you had your wedding? Drop a line or 2 for the ones who are planning their wedding!

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