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Life Lessons Gained From LionHeart The Movie

I know every one is probably telling you how hyped they are about achieving their goals. Well, I tried to catch that bug but found myself a little too drowsy. You know what other bug I caught? Lion Heart buzz bug. It was bound to happen anyways seeing that I have ditched my Yoruba movies on YouTube for Netflix.

LionHeart is a Genevieve Nnaji movie. Not only did she direct the movie, she was the lead act alongside Pete Edochie, Onyeka Onwenu, Nkem Owoh, Kanayo O Kanayo, Peter Okoye, Phyno and a host of others. I must say that the casting was quite refreshing as has been the case with recent Nollywood movies. This one had veterans whom we haven’t seen in very recent Nollywood movies.

The movie, Lion Heart tells the story of a big transport company owned by the Obiagus. They are a really popular company but had a financial situation which almost made them lose their company. In between, the chairman of the company fell ill, leaving his daughter and his younger brother to save the company. The drama that happened in all that time including the outcome as to whether they lost the company or not is why you need to watch this movie.

More than that, I gained a few life lessons from Lion Heart which can be classified under family, business and tribe.


Usually, Nollywood tells us the story of sibling rivalry. However, this gave us all a lot of hope showcasing how much progress can be achieved when the family puts up a united front. It is quite refreshing to know that your father’s brother is not the one trying to sabotage the business. Looking at the family setting, I guess it is also safe to say that if the chief ever passed, the brother won’t be trying to take everything he owns away from his family or trying to humiliate the widow which is infact the worries of many women who get married to a man from the East. I bet the women just want to enjoy their marriage and live in peace with their in-laws. Too much to ask? Genevieve’s movie says No!


Did you know that being a business owner is not just about sitting in an office space and drafting proposals or giving instructions? You need to feel the actual pulse of the business which infact is only possible when you are on the field. Adaeze got to learn this from her uncle and infact, only a trip to the park helped her discover the key to salvaging her father’s business.


It will interest you to know that the inter tribal conflicts in Nigeria are very real but they really need to come to an end. I love how the script writer ensured that two business moguls from 2 different parts of Nigeria had to come together in order to save LionHeart.

A lot of the information here seems a bit sketchy but that is because you need to go on Netflix right now to put the puzzle together. I do recommend this one and so do many others. Do let me know in the comment section if you have seen the movie. I will love to know what you think about it.

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