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Lily Aldridge shows off Victoria Secret’s 2 million dollars bra

Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show was not only glamorous but very luxurious as they unveiled their 2 million dollars bra, showcased by Lily Aldridge.

2E52EE0400000578-0-image-m-46_1447210247651The 29 year old model was spotted in the encrusted bra and panties which took 685 hours to make and weighs about 1364 in carats. Just to break it down a little bit more, the bra made of 6500 gems, including blue topaz and yellow sppphire. The panties alone has 126 number of diamonds while 18karat gold was used in making the bra.

Many have talked about the bra but so much about its cost, some saying what they would have gotten with the 2million dollars. We stumbled on an interesting read on Style Vitae by Nims saying all the many things she could have done with 2 million dollars.

That article got us wondering is anyone in Nigeria will actually buy a bra for 2 million dollars… let us know!

We will be posting some interesting images of the Fashion show on our Facebook and Instagram page. So, stay tuned!


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