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Mag Corner: August Delight

I dropped by the office on Friday and guess what I was given….. the August issue of the Genevieve Magazine with the theme, August Delight.
What do I consider delightful about this issue? Let us start by saying I co wrote the cover story and was present at the cover shoot where I met the beautiful and delightful Dolapo Oni, Adeola Ariyo and Seyi Shay. So, just maybe I am feeling like a music star who just dropped a new single. I guess I am allowed to feel that way, right? After all, I actually just dropped a new single *lol*
Basically, I want to share my best stories with you even as I urge you to grab a copy of the magazine and subsequently, you can subscribe. That way, you are certain of having a copy of the magazine delivered to your door step every month. Having said that, here are my top stories.
  •  The cover story: I love the Dolapo’s story more not because I did the story but because I can relate better with her considering that she is in my present career line. She works with one of my favorite TV stations that I wouldn’t mind having her spot for just a day *smiles*
  • True Life: This column is an excerpt of a book I cannot wait to share its review with you. I read the book and almost did not want to return it to my boss so that I could read it over and over again. The book is titled, But He Calls Me Blessed. You should grab a copy.
  • Opinion Poll: I had some very interesting responses from you all when I asked about your reaction should your husband to be tell you a night to the wedding day that he has a child with his ex. 
  • Morning Dew:The chief editor talks about hope. Do I need to say so much? Ask those who are ardent readers, this is about their best column every month.
  • Inspiration: This has become one of my most constant column for sometime now and though it is a bit challenging getting the right story out there, I sure love that someone out there gets to pick up the magazine, reads that column and picks a thing or two that can make them a better person. I learn from that column as well, you know? So, it isn’t just writing for you but for me too.
  • Here is The Thing: The assistant editor did a piece on Bitchy Resting Face- an issue that  i can quite relate with and I will be gisting you about it sometime  but for now, if you think everyone has been judging you wrong by the look on your face or you can’t comprehend why someone’s face looks bitchy all the time, I see no reason why you should miss this issue.  
  • Money Matters: I hope to get married someday, dont’t you?……. You do?….. Ask your vendor for the August delight and flip real quick to page 44 where Nimi is talking about all that money issues that we should give a thought before we get married because, they are issues that will pop out loud when we are married.
  • Pictures: I love the Mocheddah’s picture in the statistics page, the lace gown by Mango on the Stylelitude model, veronica Odeka on the Moet and Chandon page and the outfit by Ann Ogunsulire in the spotted page. 
Editor’s note: Have you had a peek at the magazine? Which is your favorite story? #bevisible
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