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Mag Corner: My Favourite Reads In The Latest Edition of Genevieve Magazine

Finally, it is here- the combined edition of Genevieve Magazine. This is for September and October as the company gets ready to host the Pink Ball on the 18th of October, 2014. I have taken a look at the articles in it and here is what I found interesting:

Opinion Poll
This month, I did ask everyone I could what they thought about having a fashion stylist and I am loving the beautiful responses by the very devoted people that responded and make my job less tedious. Thanks guys!

Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life
Stop all the crash diets and try to get some or all of these foods in your meals. That way, you stay healthy and fit.

9 Tips For When The Dress Code Says ‘Shades Of Pink’
‘When’ you get your tickets for the pink ball, one thing you don’t want to do is have the wrong outfit on. Whoever did this piece is very thoughtful and is a great source of help to all the pink ball guests.

Cinderella and The Pink Ball
Ngozi who is a lifestyle consultant caught my attention with the title of this piece and though I haven’t quite read it completely, I think I will live it. Right or wrong? Find out!

Chillin With
The KevStel Group’s lead actor in the movie, Tempting Fate, gets featured in the magazine. He will be in Nigeria by Easter. So, come make it a date with him by buying the tickets of the movie. Before then, make sure to grab a copy of the magazine and read all about him. Who knows? You may just feel like you have known him forever even before you see him. Since I will be blogging daily from the 1st of October, watch out for pictures from the Houston Premiere of Tempting Fate. We sure had fun!

Morning Dew
Everyone is talking about the Pink Ball but who can tell you the facts better than the brain behind it all, Mrs. Betty Irabor.

Book and Movie Reviews
Don’t carry last o! The books and the movies which I had featured are books you want to get your hands on. For the books, I love the Unexpected Blessing by Unoma Nwankwor. I have reda that book and even planning to read again because there are lessons that I want to share with you. But you can only relate better if you have read that book. So, please, pick a copy ASAP! A letter from Adam and Iyore are yet to hit the Nigerian cinemas but are due to in only a little while. So, get acquainted with the movies before the release.

Editor’s note: Congrats to Nkem Obioha and Shalom Igwe who won the Genevieve Pink Ball tickets. I hope you do pick up your tickets and I look forward to seeing you at the event.
You all should subscribe to the Genevieve Magazine. This is to make sure that you never miss out of such goodies when they get featured in the magazine. #bevisible

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