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Makeup Brushes For The Face

Your makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup products that you buy. Using the wrong brush to apply a product will give you the wrong effect or result. In this post, we focus on the makeup brushes for the face:

The Buffing Brush:buffing brushes

Image via Makeup By Joyce

These Brushes are amazing for applying creamy and liquid foundation on the skin. They buff the foundation into the skin thereby reducing the appearance of harsh lines.

The stippling Brush: stippling brushes

Image via Makeup By Joyce

These brushes were made to apply liquid foundation, but as a personal observation, I think it works better when used to apply powder. This works great as a powder brush and blends out harsh lines very well.

The cheek Brush:cheek brush

Image via Makeup Refinery

This particular Mary Kay cheek brush works great as a blusher brush and also a contour brush. It does an amazing job when applying a matte bronzer, contour shade or blush color. Any slanted blush brush will definitely work.

The Fan Brush: fan brush

Image via The Non Blonde

The fan brush is used to highlight your face and create the glow effect. They come in various sizes depending on the individuals face size.

The contour Brushes:contour brush

Image via Cassandra Myee

There are different Contour brushes. In the video, we talked about different contour brushes and how the fluffy brush may be more cost effective.  We also looked at both the flat and the fluffy brush.

The concealer Brush: concealer brush

Image via Canadian Fashionista

I just love the precision, this brush gives when using it to apply concealer. Amazing asset and a must have for everyone who plans on contouring their face.

Watch the video to see our lead artist demonstrate how she uses these brushes in various capacities.



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