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What You Need To Know About Making peace With A Friend After A Fight

Sometimes, we let go but most often, we really can figure out our differences and make peace

Earlier in the week, I published a video on extending an olive branch but now, I think I should have named it, making peace with a friend after a fight- what you need to know.

Friendships are very delicate. They can be so sweet and yummy but when things go south, they become a nightmare that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Suddenly, your heart aches, your stomach wrenches and you find yourself in a dilemma. The dilemma that comes with hating or loving the person. Initially, it could be so painful, a little pettiness maybe but in the long run, the heart could run cold.

While this is the reality of many friendships that have gone south, there are friendships that can truly be revived after a fight. Both parties still have mad love for each other but may have allowed ego to get in the way. They pretend not to care but at the mention of something terrible happening to the other party, they worry. In their hearts, they reminisce on the memories that they shared but pretend that they have completely forgotten about the friend and moved on.

I have been there and so, I want to share with you a few tips that can help you truly heal from that fight but ultimately, see if there is the possibility that you make peace with that friend.

Make up your mind that you need that friend back

The first step to making peace with a friend is to reflect on the friendship. Does the good outweigh the bad times? We do not encourage anyone to go back to a toxic friendship. Hence the need to reflect and be honest in doing this.

Put your ego aside:

Now that you have decided to make peace with that friend, you must let go of your pride.

Reach out:

Call them and see if you can meet up over drinks or lunch. If not, talk over the phone. We prefer that you do so in person but where you can’t, a call is fine but not a text.


You need to say the words, ‘I am sorry’.

Listen to understand:

You may wish to talk about the situation, but you need to be sure that the other person is willing to also talk. When they do decide to, please listen to understand their pain and not to defend yourself.

Give it time:

Do not expect that the friendship will heal instantly. Have an open mind and, allow the other person to get to where you are. They do not have to bond back with you immediately or even ever and you need to be okay about that.

Pray about it:

God gave Saul a change of heart, right? Well, he can do that for your friend too. And he can also heal you of every negative emotion you may be feeling. So, pray about it.

With that said, we hope that you are equipped with the tools to making peace with a friend. Please click the button below to watch the video I spoke about earlier in the article.

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