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Marcel’s Kitchen: Garnished Noodles

We stopped by the TechCity office today and guess what we had for lunch….. Garnished noodles made by Marcel- a member of the TechCity Team.

Ingredients: 2015-10-26 17.06.00

Indomie Noodles
Smoked Titus Fish
Groundnut oil

How to cook
Dice the plantain, pepper, tomatoes, onions, sausage and smoked Titus fish in different plates
Pour a reasonable amount of groundnut oil
Add 2 cubes of maggi
Fry the onions for a while
Add the pepper and tomatoes2015-10-26 17.07.16
Fry the Sausage and Smoked Titus Fish in another pot
Add the fried tomatoes, pepper and onions to the Sausage and smoked fish.
After 3 minutes, add the egg to fry 2015-10-26 17.06.55
Parboil the Indomie Noodles in another pot
Pour the parboiled noodles into the fried ingredients.
Mix the ingredients with the noodles2015-10-26 17.07.47
Add the noodles’ spice
Allow to boil
Fry the plantain differently
Serve with the Garnished noodles2015-10-26 17.05.26

This recipe was gathered from an interview with Marcel and compiled by Oma Ehiri.

All pictures belong to Marcel.

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