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What Next When Instagram and Facebook Fails? Alternatives for Marketing Your Business Online.

Well well, well! What do we have here? A preventive measure to heartache for business owners. This happens when you are unable to reach your clients, fanbase or online community on social media. In order words, The best alternatives for marketing your business online. This blog post was inspired from a recent crash on Instagram. Many thought their accounts had been hacked and panic did set in. The same thing happened a few weeks back with Facebook. I tried to access my account and it asked me to log in again. A few moments after, I got the message below from Facebook which is a huge red flag.

With these experiences, I began to wonder what would happen to my online business should social media shut down today. Quite frankly, some people are still struggling to grow their community on Instagram and Facebook. Many have no other business pages asides from these 2 and the fear that these could crash all of a sudden is one too worrisome. I remember seeing the CEO of a weightloss page I follow, ask people what they would do should Instagram crash. I thought they were talking about these alternatives I am about to give you but no! They were speaking of other jobs they could do offline. I hope they do stumble on this blog post and ensure that their businesses are independent of Mark and his team.

For those who do not know, I run an online business myself and I am not just speaking of the blog. I have activated these platforms. There are procedures to making these platforms effective and ensuring that you direct your contacts to them. I have some knowledge on how to make that happen but, I want to give you a head start by listing the platforms.

Alternatives for Marketing your Business Online



Mailing List

In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing details on how to use each of these platforms in marketing your online business. I will also be teaching you how you can build contacts on them and direct your contacts to them. While you wait for those blog posts, I have listed a few applications you can use to build your mailing list. You can find them here.

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I wish you success as you continue to grow your business!

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