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How to Master Social Media by Tosin Ajibade

Social media platforms keep springing up which is an indication that it is a valuable platform. However, it does take a lot of work to make it work for you which is why we have put together these 4 tips on how to master social media by an award winning digital media strategist, Tosin Ajibade.

Make a commitment to Social Media

Like any other successful business or project, you must be committed to social media. We understand that it is hard to grow an audience on social media as this requires creating great content that is engaging. Little wonder many brands give up only after a few months. Unfortunately, that is never the way out. The best way to conquering that space is not only by creating a consistent stream of contents but also, identifying what resonates with your audience. You need to create a social media strategy that works for your brand and be committed to it. Tosin shares a few more details on this which you can find on her Instagram page.

Identify and focus on a few social media platforms

Social media platforms are like shiny new objects with the ability to make us want to be on every one of them. This can be a good idea only after you have successfully built a team that can focus on each platform as every platform requires a unique kind of content. Thus, Tosin recommends that we focus on a platform or a few that allows us to hone in on successful tactics. Now, SoTectonic is focused on Instagram and YouTube. As soon as we can build a strong team, we will be building our Facebook and Twitter platforms. So, find out what works best for your brand and start channeling all your energy on those platforms.

Get the most out of your contents

Now this is one tip that we must imbibe in creating our contents. We create amazing contents but sometimes, we do not feel like we get the most out of it. Like Tosin suggested, there is the need to create graphics that people cam share on various platforms thereby helping to spread the word on the content that you have created. Some brands, especially bloggers allow you to pin their content. So, maybe you can take some time to learn that and then do same with your blog stories. For brands, Tosin suggests that you do a series of Instagram stories that promotes the content or product that you wish to get out there.

Let your passion inspire your content

This is the easiest way to create content. Recently, Tosin did a series on natural hair and she does confirm that the outcome was amazing, she loves natural hair and so, it was easy for her to resonate with the trend and use it to grow her platform. Pick a topic that resonates with you and let it drive you.

To get more on these tips as shared by Tosin, follow her on Insatgram, @thetosinajibade.

What is your biggest social media challenge?

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