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May Series: Fragrance & Scents

Original image from Emozione Campaign Shots

Original image from Emozione Campaign Shots

Sitting next to a man in a bus and he had this cologne with a rather strong and disturbing smell made me feel like I was going to choke. It took a while to settle in to the bus knowing that it was going to be a long ride to work and I was certainly stuck in that bus. It suddenly dawned on me that many people do not really take time to determine the sort of fragrance to wear at every point in time and maybe they do not realise that certain scents aren’t appropriate for certain environments and even the amount of fragrance to be used per time.

This month, we will be taking you on a scent ride as we bring you a number of fragrances that are scheduled to make buzz this month. Ferragamo sets the pace today with the launch of a new fragrance called Emozione Salvatore Ferragamo for women and it is being sold at the Palms Shopping Complex in Lekki. The beautiful Ferragamo ladies will be there from today to the 3rd of May, 2015 taking you through the scents of the fragrance and advising you on which bottle to cart away with before it runs out of stock.

Other things we have lined up for you include tits and bits from a marketing executive who specialises in the sales and branding of fragrances. We also bring you a feature on stores where you can get authentic fragrances. You can also write in to tell us about your favourite fragrance which will be published sometime in the month on the blog.

This fragrance and scent series is going to be packed and we will try our best to bring you the very best we can. We couldn’t bring you the nail story last month but we could find time to squeeze it in this month or push it for another beauty series or maybe, just maybe we may have a mani and pedi series.

We will also be publishing the review of the Black Up Paris Cosmetics later today even as we join in a campaign tagged #Whomakesyourworlsspecial. Join Us on twitter and Instagram by 5pm for a dose of that and stand a chance to win lots of goodies including a home makeover.

As part of the MayDay celebrations, We will be giving out 2 tickets to the Iyore movie premiere happenning this Sunday at the Silverbird Cinemas in Lagos. To enter, tell us your best post from the beauty series.

Till I come your way again, from us all at SoTectonic, we wish you all a Happy Workers Day and ask that you always refresh our page.

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